I'm getting tired of waitin' around

I feel like i'm alway trackin' you down

I don't wanna point my finger to you

But there's something you've forgottin

Here's what you better do, you better


Think of me

I know you want me baby

It won't be long before you

Think of Me

Cause i'll be gone and then you'll

Think of Me

You walk in and you see me cryin'

You apologize say you lost track of me

I'm not gonna cry anymore

You're gonna lose me too if you don't

Know whats good for you, you better


Tell me what I did to make you

Treat me so badly

If you wanna see me anymore

If you don't wanna see me walkinh out the door you better


Stop wastin' all my time

You know it could have been so fine

Hey boy I'm waitin on a sign

Don' you know there's someone else

Stop thinking of yourself

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