I don't know why i thought that i could make you happy

These tears i cry for you are so hopeless yeah

I don't know why i thought we were going somewhere

But you grapped your coat and you were out the door

And now i know you don't care


         I know you are gonna take your love and run               

I know you think i'm the foolish one

I know you are gonna turn around and say Goodbye

I used to think you were my preety angel comin' down

Well now you've just proven me wrong

What about the letter we have written

All the things we've said and done

I 'll just stand here while you count the battles

You have won.


Take your love and run from me

Is this the way love's supposed to be

You don't think that i can see

But you can't fool me

But i'm not gonna cry for you

Cause that's is what you want me to do

No i'm not gonna cry for you anymore


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